Monday, November 10, 2008

Holiday Season

Well, I honestly believe the "Holiday Season" is beginning earlier every year due to the retail craze created. As I was shopping with my Mom this past weekend there were lots of Christmas decorations throughout the stores & even holiday music playing in some places. I, as much as anyone, love all the sights & smells of the holidays but it should not be the main focus of the holiday season.

I do want to keep this blog very business focused but do feel like there is a time to step back & reevaluate things- both business & personal.

Before I get caught up in the hustle & bustle of Christmas & all it entails I am stepping back to remember what has made this season memorable for so many people. I have started a journal & am going to list, each day, 1 good deed I have done that day. I am going to vow to do this every day between now & Christmas & hope to be very proud of all the "little" things I have done that will hopefully make a big difference to someone. Both personally & as a business owner I have many talents & gifts that I feel I can offer & am going to make it a priority to keep that my focus this season. I challenge you to also figure out for yourself how to keep the next 2 months in perspective for you & your family & to celebrate the true reason for this season.

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