Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's His Day Too!

When planning your big day, do not forget about that important person you're vowing to never leave for the rest of your life—the groom.
In the planning of the wedding, the groom's role is ever-changing. While in the "good old days" it was primarily the role of the mother of the bride to plan the wedding with some input from her daughter, the bride, the groom's participation is quickly making a comeback. From setting the date and time of the wedding to participating in the selection of music and entertainment, the groom is sharing his opinion, which should matter and be taken into consideration.
Where He Should Get Involved
While most grooms will tell their future brides to just tell them where and when to show up, there are grooms out there who would like to feel included—but not in every area.
Here are three areas where you groom might like to be an active participant:
• Choosing best man, groomsmen, and ushers
• Selection of wedding attire
• Taste-testings
The Groom's Responsibilities
Financial responsibilities also fall on the groom and his family. Some of the his responsibilities include:
• Pay the fees for the marriage license (In Tennessee, this must be done within 30 days of the wedding)
• Buy engagement ring
• Pay the fees of the person presiding over the ceremony
• Plan the honeymoon months ahead
• Purchase gifts for the ushers and best man to be given at the rehearsal dinner
• Work with the bride and family members to create a guest list
However, one of the biggest (and most important) responsibility of the groom is to ensure his bachelor party does NOT occur the night before the ceremony so that he is able to SHOW UP at the wedding very well rested and on time!!!!

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