Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hot Colors for Spring and Summer!

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is an important detail that can take your big day from average to unforgettable! The colors you choose for your wedding can be powerful tools – they can reinforce your chosen theme or even stand on their own to make a distinct statement. Bright, bold colors are the major contenders in spring and summer looks this year. Imagine passionate colors ranging anywhere from jewel tones to soft, pale tints. Think of adding splashes of intense color against a neutral background for a modern look, or pair together two or three bold colors for a startlingly cheerful atmosphere. Whether you’re planning a sweet garden wedding or a tropical beach ceremony, these fresh, vivid colors will make your day extraordinary!

Consider these color ideas:

Turquoise and other shades of beachy blues are all-time favorites this time of year. Pair with corals and peaches for a cool, tropical atmosphere.

Yellows, pinks, and purples are solid choices if you want that burst of color. These colors really have a chance to pop when set against a background of white, ivory, navy or black.

Surfacing repeatedly this season is gray. A light, silvery gray can be used as an accent color with darker shades, but makes quite a modern, romantic statement when used as a neutral backdrop to showcase a splash of color.

Beige, taupe and cream are classic wedding colors that will never go out of style and make for a muted, romantic color palate.

When choosing your wedding colors, remember that integration is key. Once you decide on which shades you want, carry them throughout each area of your day. Introduce your theme with your invitations; have your bridal party show them off with bridesmaid dresses and matching vests for the groomsmen; add an interesting edge to your cake; and let them shine with the d├ęcor at your ceremony and reception. Just remember to have fun with your choices and surround yourself with an atmosphere of excitement and relaxation on your big day!

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