Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Website!

It has been a long time coming but my new website is finally ready to launch! In talking with the creator (bludomain.com) I am told it should be "live" by midnight tonight. It has taken a long time for me to get the site complete & functioning & there are still slight changes to be made but it is pretty close to perfect. I very much needed an update & hope you enjoy the new site! Thank you for your support of Blissful Moments!


Wendy Anderson said...

Love your new website! You are doing amazing! I hope that your business continues to thrive!

Amber said...

Cheryl, your new website is so pretty and elegant. It is perfect! I am honored to have some of our photographs in here from our wedding! We feel very special! You should just add one thing- pictures from your wedding! I think it would be beneficial for potential clients to see that as well. That's my 2 cents :) It looks wonderful and I hope you get many many visitors! Great Job!
Merry Christmas!
Amber & James Roberts